Our Services

Business & Leisure Tours/Adventure Packages

We organize individual/group tours and excursions to beautiful tourist attractions, trade fairs, exhibitions and seminars both within and outside the shores of Nigeria periodically. While doing so we focus on the most cost effective way of achieving a manageable number of tour groups without losing the essence of the trips which usually is to provide you with a stress free, relaxing, entertaining, educative and productive timeout from the rigours and turmoil of your normal daily routine. So, if you are interested in finding out more on the dates and venue of our tours or you are interested in joining us on the next one, you are advised to contact us immediately.

Business Information Services

West View Travels & Tours through her experienced staff, contacts and a veritable database of local and international businesses/interest, offers business information services aimed at assisting legitimate/legal Nigerian businesses and people link up and conduct business with their foreign counterparts. Thus helping such businesses to attain a global prominence.

Professional Travels Advisory Services

We treat every case/situation to the best of our ability and knowledge as we regard you “Our Clients” members of our family. Therefore your happiness and success/progress means a great deal to us. Though we regard you our family our approach to analyzing and solving your problems is highly professional, indeed we assure you prompt, in-depth analysis of your situation and the best possible advice as applicable to each individual’s situation.

Visa Procurement Advisory services

With our experienced and widely traveled staff, we render advisory services to prospective travelers on how to secure appointments for visa interviews at all embassies and various documentations. We provide itinerary advice to ensure that your trip is planned to save money.You are also provided all relevant information on travels connection, availability, destination related information, visa, vaccination customs and entry regulations.
Furthermore you are informed of any special fares/rates on offer either by airlines or hotels.